Ms. Stone
Welcome to Ms Stone's Grade 4 Class Page!
We are learning about Early Societies. School Track and Field Meet is May 18.
We have been learning about growing in commitment. Being a committed and loyal person is part of what God wants us to be. We will be learning about living in our world and our responsibilities to be good citizens and stewards of the Earth.
We have been learning about different types of poetry and reading nonfiction reading cards to enhance our knowledge of life in the Middle Ages. Students are writing a narrative based on Medieval Times.
We are almost finished our fractions. We will be learning about patterning and probability. Please keep practising for those weekly quizzes.
Social Studies
We are studying Early Societies 3000 BCE - 1500 CE. Students have a project to complete at home which is due on June 5. Students will be completing a research project in class. 
We are completing our study of pulleys and gears and we will be learning about Rocks and Minerals.
Great Websites
Multiplication Practice
Math skills practice website
Virtual Library
Math Games site
Read Write Think
ink to learning
Math Puzzles
Look in Google Classroom for other sites to try.